It would be very beneficial to your business to have a customized logo on your pizza boxes and cups with your unique style. Maximize your brands name by including all our information. Make your pizza box serve many functions as it carries your product to its final destination. With fast turnaround times and high quality printing, you can easily advertise your business by letting your name and brand be the next conversation starter. Customize all your food service products from paper cups, plastic cups, cup jackets, and napkins to food containers and more. Get the details below on our custom printing process and let us help you take your branding and marketing efforts to the next level.

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Understanding the Printing Methods

  • This term refers to a printing process which uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) to reproduce a wide range of colors by mixing the colors together as they are printed.
  • A wide range of colors can be printed with just 4 color plates, sot the number of colors allowable on each design is much higher.
  • Pantone (PMS) color codes can be provided as a final color reference, but not all Pantone (PMS) colors can be reproduced.

Understanding the Printing Methods

  • This term refers to a printing process that uses a pre-mixed color system, also known as Pantone colors.
  • Inks are pre-mixed prior to printing, so maximum number of printed colors is limited.
  • When requesting artwork please provide your Pantone (PMS) color codes for best results.
  • Due to the use of food-grade inks, not all pantone colors can be achieved.
  • Pantone colors will vary depending on the printable material.
  • Please note that the same color may appear differently on different mediums.

Understanding the Printing Methods

Style and Depth of Box

  • B-Flute 1/8” thick, stronger less warp, less flex for larger boxes or heavy pizzas
  • E-Flute 1/16” thick, half the storage space

Liner Board

  • Kraft liner: Natural look, recognized for sustainability, cost saving
  • White liner: Prints stand out more